Short Review: Dethroning Mammon. Making money serve grace

Money is a controlling force in much of our world. Jesus had an awful lot to say about the power of money and how that relates to the Kingdom of God. Dethroning Mammon is a readable new book from the Archbishop of Canterbury about the power of Mammon in our personal lives.

In Dethroning Mammon, Justin Welby, writes to stimulate thought about the way we manage the power of money as people, and as people of the church. Like Jesus he is happy to personify this infectious power with the name Mammon. Each of us live in a world where Mammon has been permitted to weave a seductive and world spanning web of control of human life. Do we wish it to continue?

Tracking Jesus’ progress through the Gospel of John as he journeys to the cross, Welby offers a series of arguments that sets the death defeating power and gracious abundance of God against the precepts of Mammon with his many modern faces. The Jesus I find in these pages is intensely attractive, and the divine economics portrayed is neither trite nor simple. Its insistence on hope and possibility is encouraging where so many Christian books on wealth are implicitly rich in nothing but condemnation.

“To treat as mine what I receive is viewed as the natural or correct order of things.” But in the case of the gift of God: it is all grace; it is pure gift”. Any who follow after Jesus as disciples are called to be loving stewards of the all that God has given, and more than that servants of all.

Simply written and swiftly read at a first glance, the book is might be seen as series of spiritual exercises into seeing the world as God does. The thinking that the book provokes isn’t limited to those of us who either rich or poor. In Welby’s writing you find the reflections of someone who has personally and ministerially genuinely met life close to both significant wealth and poverty.

Why not take a look at who and what is exercising sovereignty in your life this Lent. God wants you to see ‘aright’ and to worship him in truth.

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